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Rye Whiskey - The Last Rye'd

Rye Whiskey - The Last Rye'd

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Enjoy the taste of caramel, vanilla, mint, and floral, with a forward lingering spice in this straight rye whiskey that honors the history of Black jockeys Isaac Murphy, Alonzo Clayton, Oliver Lewis, and Soup Perkins. Black jockeys once dominated the sport of horse-racing, from the first Kentucky Derby in 1875 through 1903, winning 15 of the first 28 Derby races.

From 1921-2000, there were no Black riders in the Kentucky Derby. This bold spirit celebrates their indomitable spirit.

  • Age 5 Years
  • Barrel 53 Gallon. Char 2.
  • Mash Bill 95% Rye. 5% Barley Malt.
  • Proof 104 / 52% ABV
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